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Beam Lifter - 600Kg capacity

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The Etramo Beam Lifter, simpler and more robust than all of it's competitors. A compact detachable elevator on wheels for lifting and fitting heavy loads such as steel beams, capable of lifting 600kg to a height of 3m.

- Lifting capacity 600 kg, maximum lifting height 3m
- High precision by using screw thread adjustment
- Folds down to only 28in high allowing access to the most narrow doors
- Will fit in to the back of most estate cars
- Easy to build up
- No cables or guides
- Equipped with a rotational platform and crane hook to lift loads from the ground

Hire period 1 day Extra day 1 week Weekend
Hire rate £50.00 £20.00 £100.00 £50.00

                                                                          All prices subject to VAT @ 20%